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Kobe De Keyzer

Artist / Designer / Creative Rebel

Growing up in a creative minded family and going to a graphic school at age 14 was the start of a lifelong interest and devotion to design, graphics and art. After graduating highschool (VISO), I obtained my master's degree in visual arts at the Royal Academy of Arts in Ghent, Belgium (KASK) in 2001.

As an employee working a full time job as graphic, brand and packaging designer at an award winning Belgian agency since 2001, I've managed to contribute to the many Pentawards we have won as a team so far. Note that the work shown here is work I do in my spare time as an artist / designer and has no relation to the work I do as an employee. Since a few years I love making art using screenprint technique, at my own pace, with no brief or deadline attached. To take more time also means making room to create in a different way. Like sports, it's a great way to think outside and escape from the computer. As a designer, I am a perfectionist, no room for mistakes, but sometimes 'mistakes' to me are the most interesting part. They can lead to new ideas, or have the potential to become a beautiful base for future projects. Those little imperfections is what brings character to the play, and that’s exactly what I’m after in my art right now. It's why I started screenprinting at the Art Academy a few years back and love it so much.

I (ab)use screenprinting by making every print unique, as screenprinting was originally developed to print and reproduce exact copies of a graphic work. The challenging and exiting part is that there are no undo’s. Not like anything when working on a computer where you can endlessly adjust things. We intend to overthink every move in a creative process, because it's necessary, because it has to meet a briefing somewhere. With screenprinting art, to me it’s more about letting go and experiment. You print it, and that’s it. No undo’s. A single track straight forward. Although it seems terrifying for perfectionists, strangely enough it brings a certain peace to my mind. It became my journey and search for the perfect imperfection.

Both my art and work as a designer are boosting each other further by experimenting with creativity. It's fascinating to keep exploring both worlds, forever hungry.



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